a 2020 community n/n lab subscription programme.


free.yard presents a chill momentational installation, taking residence at not/nowhere after we asked the artist and 'curatorial' platform to come look at our five dis-used tube-tv monitors and make any necessary repairs.

open 3pm - 6pm on 21 March for all; open by appointment from 22 - 28 March for community n/n. community n/n subscriptions provide appointment access to our lab equipment and 2020 lab programme as well as free entry to offsite screenings and events. proceeds from new subscriptions through end of march 2020 will be split 50/50 between not-nowhere's equipment repair budget and future free.yard projects.

I’m rebuilding the stereo cabinet which originally formed part of an installation titled ‘ADULTS NEVER KEEP PROMISES’, which has had three publicly displayed iterations. It was damaged when last being exhibited during the New Art Exchange Open, which I applied to against my apprehensions because I was desperate for money and there was a slim chance of winning a cash prize. But I’ve learned my lesson from that whole experience. They did compensate me for the damages which was nice. I had to throw the original damaged cabinet away, but I kept some remnants that I thought I might use for another art thing.

We have talked about the re-made cabinet and stereo system taking ‘permanent residence’ within not/nowhere - for it to be regularly used. I can’t keep it at home because of no space and not being allowed to play music loud.

I’m also going to refurbish an original Playstation Portable (2005) that I got from Vauxhall Market, as well as a Nokia 7600 and Nokia 3650 - with the supplied funds - which will probably form part of the lil installation.


What imagery might you show and why and where is it from?


Those map scans, phone market shots, cruising shots, walking shots, brent cross, staples corner shots.


2 Warton House, 150 Stratford High Street, E15 2NE

Step free access and wheelchair accessible toilets available.

Underground: Stratford | DLR: Stratford High Street, Pudding Mill Lane, Bow Church | Bus: 25, 108, 276, 425, D8 (Stop M / Stop L)

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